31 dicembre: San Silvestro

As if we were catapulted into Hogwarts castle, let’s imagine entering a dark room and, candelabra in hand, illuminate all the scenes of this year one by one. Perhaps for some we deserve a slap (not a slap, not even Boniface VIII). But for others, we couldn’t help but give ourselves a caress.

There will be points we haven’t reached and which, in this room, will necessarily remain dark. Perhaps in 2022 we will be able to shed even more light on ourselves, perhaps by summoning lateral thinking more often: this is a bit what we have tried to do with “Imaginarea Daily” in these 365 moons.

Therefore, the gauntlet for 2022 is drawn. Meanwhile, for tonight, happy New Year’s Eve and happy New Year’s Eve!


Name day
San Silvestro I, Pope