Me Tool

Stewart Brand, the most famous author and thinker, once said that you can really change the world only if you change the tools in your hands – a tool being “something with a use on one end and a grasp on the other end”, just to use Stewart’s very words. Right there, in the space between grasping and using, we see the space of imagination – imagination being the attitude to see and sense things that are yet to be real, thus making them come into some emotional existence. It is there, in that very space, that we started crafting our calendars as far as thirty years ago, in 1991, grasping everyday objects and using them to create unexpected, ironic, emotional, and universal images: a hint to nurture wonder, an invitation to always look beyond. So, for the year 2021, on the 30th anniversary of our yearly appointment, we just want to go back to basic, celebrating the most iconic tools and subjects that, across all this time, have filled the space for imagination on the walls of all our friends and collectors, all year long. It’s our will to share the attitude towards imagination, and our wish for you to start changing your own piece of the world, one tool at the time.