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Writing about beauty is always a difficult task. An extensive literature already exists as the theme concerns the sense of the individual and of the community. Indeed, while its subjectivity is undeniable, there are shared codes within homogeneous social contexts, and the criteria that define it are in turn subject to temporal variables. That said, I must express a point of view of my own, and in order to do so I will try to summarise my experience as a designer. The concept of “projecting” contained in the word project conveys the idea of future promise, which gives meaning and direction to life itself.

by Antonio Romano

2022, Rome is a candidate for hosting Expo 2030. The Eternal City teems with artistic and architectural symbols, yet all traces of that “colossal” statue of Nero, the artwork that gave its name to the Flavian Amphitheatre, have vanished. Luca Josi and Antonio Romano’s suggestion: a temporary Colossus chosen by a planetary audience.

“Il Giornale dell’Arte”, agosto 2022

Kind leadership in companies becomes collaborative leadership. We discovered the importance of relationships precisely when we lost physical presence and nearness. Mario Suglia, Managing Director of Inarea.

A tailor’s dummy, ideally combined with four tyres, becomes the silhouette of a car. Antonio Romano’s homage to the sartorial dimension of Sergio Pininfarina’s work, which seems inspired by the proportions of the human body. Indeed, his cars are outright sculptural forms, with sinuous and futuristic lines, rigorous and eternally elegant The occasion was the exhibition “Manifesto alla carriera. Omaggio della grafica italiana ai maestri del Compasso d’Oro”, a tribute staged by Milan’s ADI Design Museum in 2021: 39 Compasso d’Oro Career Awards told by as many contemporary designers.


Since 1991, Calendarea has been a metaphor for our visual grammar: everyday objects that generate unpredictable, ironic, themed images. Calendarea’s twenty-fifth anniversary was the occasion for an exhibition hosted by the Milan Triennale and a catalogue that garnered an honourable mention at the 25th edition of the ADI “Compasso d’Oro” Awards.

The catalogue of the exhibition hosted by the Ara Pacis Monumental Complex in Rome, celebrating Inarea’s thirty years in business.

Design is an added value that enhances performance and credibility for companies, institutions, products and services. Beauty and artistry – the traditional hallmarks of Italian production that inspire us – become a global vision.