Do you trust a sock?

In designing a calendar called Socksymbol we wanted to give voice to a garment that usually plays from the bench. However, as a consequence of the two-year slowdown – and working from home – the sock ended up becoming a player of the First XI, man-marking the fridge and sofa. 

With a return to normal life, we pulled our socks up while, at the same time, sending them back below deck. However, that hasn’t stopped them being the little devils in the detail: coloured, mismatched, too long or too short, too light or too heavy, darned, shabby and often decidedly unsuitable. “Would you trust a man in socks and sandals?” asked The Guardian in an article a few years ago. Because socks are always of essence when it comes to first impressions – as well as the subject of many jokes and giggles.

No point in getting cold feet this Christmas so, as the festivities approach, while we say bless your cotton socks, we also encourage you to make sure you wear warm, cosy ones if the weather is frosty. A particularly snazzy pair will knock the socks off your friends and relatives or, perhaps, sweep them off their feet altogether.

Meanwhile 2023 is budding… Happy holidays from Inarea