Happy New Year

One word always flutters at the transition from one year to the next: almanac, which, according to the meaning of the original Arabic word from which it derives, refers to day-by-day projects and moon phases. Thus, even a horoscope is an almanac, even a to-do list for the coming months, or even the planting of rose beds. In English we call these “New Year’s resolutions”: and if we take aim well, such resolutions can well turn into mini revolutions. 

We have essentially described the butterfly effect, that phenomenon studied in the 1960s by Edward Lorenz according to which a butterfly flapping its wings in China can trigger a chain reaction all the way to the United States. In other words, never underestimate the small choices of our microclimate.

The coming year may not always be a proverbial bed of roses but, we do have 52 weeks ahead to avoid flying straight into the net. Happy New Year!