Neopharmed Gentili

A design for life to represent health.

Neopharmed Gentili is an Italian pharmaceutical company and important player in the national pharmaceutical market, specialized in the production and marketing of solutions with high therapeutic value.

Neopharmed Gentili has also fostered development through external growth, thanks to subsequent partnerships and acquisitions, which have contributed to strengthening its image as a solid, dynamic company, with a multifaceted portfolio of products, well distributed across numerous therapeutic areas: from vascular to cardiometabolic, respiratory to antibiotics, and the osteoarticular area, not to mention OTC drugs and supplements.

Inarea’s intervention aimed to define a new profile, both corporate and product, rationalizing and unifying under a single brand all existing and new touchpoints. A leadership design that would transform the new identity into a contemporary convergence, to welcome different stories and future challenges.

The symbol–icon comprises a symmetrical composition of eight rounded and inclined rods, which nuance from turquoise to dark ultramarine. The visual suggestion points to the unfolding of a form: an idea of change, of metamorphosis in progress but also a freeze-frame effect, produced by the “kinetic” sequence of the rods. A logo that finds easy associations with known shapes, present in nature (water drop, flower, flame, etc.) and which, thanks to the sense of movement, recalls fundamental concepts of Neopharmed Gentili corporate philosophy: dynamic ability to open up to all its stakeholders and the willingness to share its wealth of knowledge and research.