The vision of a family of entrepreneurs led to a unique multipurpose sports complex for the city of Naples. The area involved represents an amazing asset, both for its real estate value and for the urban redevelopment put in place: an industrial site was refurbished thanks to a prestigious architectural plan and now hosts various services (sports centre with swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, bars, offices, supermarkets, etc.). A meeting place but a wellness hub too. And it is precisely the health dimension, expressed in every detail of this space, that is Magma’s goal.

The location of the complex is at the foot of Vesuvius and the vibrant movement and dynamic feel linked to sports are embodied in the name Magma: a concise name, which stays the same and retains its meaning in Europe’s main languages.

The symbol portrays the outline of Vesuvius whose silhouette also hints at a stylized “M”. The choice of colours also refers to the landscape: from the orange red of the incandescent lava, to the intense blue of the sea that can be glimpsed in the distance. The overall effect depicts the colour contrast typical of moving magma.

At the basis of Magma identity there is the constant use of a palette based on institutional blue and orange, accompanied by white and grey. The visual identity system involves the use of colours that fade from yellow to red and are the base of textures whose curves and shades conjure up incandescent magma.