MAXXI – National Museum of 21st-century Arts

A window on the contemporary

MAXXI is the national hub for contemporary art and architecture. Not an absolute space, but one that generates content.

The museum of 21st-century Arts, MAXXI, is defined through the graphic and font contrast intrinsic to the logo composition.

The root “MA” indicates the national arts museum and is composed of letters that refer to the stone engravings of imperial Rome: this part remains constant in all combinations. The suffix “XXI”, meaning precisely twenty-one in Roman numerals, has been interpreted through fluid, dynamic visual elements.

The 16:9 frame is designed to act as a real window open to constantly renewed interpretations of the brand. This part can accommodate, for example, concrete (the central element of the museum façade), but also light, fonts, and work tools. There are endless possible variations because they change to accommodate exhibitions, events, projects, and contributions from artists (etc.).