FAI Service gives life to Lumesia

Lumesia comes from the experience of FAI Service, flanking road hauliers for over thirty years on the roads of Italy and Europe. Lumesia is an ecosystem of integrated and interconnected services and products dedicated to haulage companies. It is the only system in Europe capable of exchanging information and data on road transport, through an active network of people, devices and infrastructures.

An evocative name, which showcases and communicates content and the “promise” of the new ecosystem: Lumesia is the star, the luminous reference that guides and directs; it is the trusted partner of hauliers, every day and everywhere.

The icon–symbol pays homage to the ancient practice of orientation through astronomical reference. It speaks of an interconnected offer of products and services for road transport.

Fai Service

In parallel with the Lumesia brand identity project, the FAI Service brand was modernized, adopting the Lumesia font with the aim of harmonizing their joint work. The yellow and blue colours remain, helping to visualize the words FAI and Service, but are reversed compared to the original version, with the intention of “lighting up” the FAI acronym in a warm yellow.

The Lumesia colour suggests a cool, blue and azure universe but at the same time bright like the map of the sky that guides travellers on dark nights. The brand language includes various textures, developed by the logo radius to convey a fast dynamic speed that characterizes the interconnection of the services offered.

Lumesia and the renewed FAI Service identity were previewed at Verona’s Transpotec, one of the most important road haulage shows in Europe. A new exhibition space was designed for this occasion, covering an area of over 500 square metres, entirely fluid and interconnected to the various areas dedicated to hospitality, entertainment and information for the new platform’s services and products.