Next 14 is a leading player in marketing technologies in Italy and Spain, adept at working at the intersection of creativity, data, physical and digital. Founded in 2014 to flank companies in new marketing challenges deriving from data, automation and cultural consumer changes, it is one of Italy’s highest growth digital companies.

The brand summarizes name and number in a single sign, with the aim of conveying the entwining of interconnections and the complexity of data. The message is clear: Next 14 collects and interprets information and data, to decode cultural changes, mirror of new human behaviour, and above all to draw maps for orientation.

It is practically impossible to measure the mass of data fired at us every day: as infinite as the stars in the sky. Next 14 connects the data like our ancient Greek ancestors who connected the stars to create the constellations. An ideal design that guides the traveller, a map of the sky to orient in the night’s darkness. It is a fascinating affinity since data is generated by human behaviour and that generates maps for understanding which future we move towards.