Human Innovability

Intellera Consulting is the new company out of PwC Public Sector. Its mission is to be the point of reference for and to spearhead Public Administration management consulting and management.

The circle focuses on the humanistic dimension of innovation. Intellera’s new identity is dynamic and interactive, summing up the company’s ability to place strategic consultancy at the core of its actions, able to accelerate cultural and technological change in Public Administration, using an approach attentive to relationships, trust and sharing.

The brand was designed in a contemporary digital perspective: an understated, rigorous logo with a soft, rounded character, including an original detail of proportion and colour that becomes movement and projection of light.

The circle, a symbol of unity, perfection and movement, shifts and turns on beams of light, like spotlights on a stage performance that focus on the players or the contents of the Intellera story.

“Human Innovability” contains a double reference: innovation and capability with respect to the humanistic approach and to constant reinvention of self, sparking one-to-one relationships, based on respect, trust and personal values.