City of Arts and Culture

New Cairo Capital

The project for the future capital of Egypt, announced in 2015 and now at an advanced stage of construction, was conceived with the aim of decongesting Cairo and creating the best conditions for hosting the country’s key institutions. This was the backdrop for the City of Arts and Culture, an urban complex covering more than 500,000 square metres, intended to house theatres, museums, libraries, university, and cultural venues in general, as well as other activities.

The integration and fusion of history, institutions and contemporary life were woven together in the icon–symbol developed for the City of Arts and Culture. Saladin’s eagle was stylized and is now seen in flight with its shadow cast in a silhouette that cites the pyramids, the most famous Egyptian architecture in the world. The reference to the gold and black flag colours completes the project’s allegiance to institutional visual codes. The chosen font is Cairo Typeface, in tribute to the new capital.

The signage system, developed for both indoor and outdoor areas, constituted a fundamental factor in the identity project. Actions were based on maximum clarity of information and formal simplicity as the best fit for a complex urban and architectural setting.