Banca IFIS is a challenger bank that has been operating in support of the real economy for almost forty years. Thanks to a unique, specialized and diversified business model, it meets the needs of both individuals and SMEs. Its revamped identity has defined its new market positioning, also in an ethical context.

Inarea was asked to define brand architecture at corporate level, for products and services, special projects and beyond, including development of communication languages and tools. The brand is at the core of a simplified and unitary system, capable of enriching the overall critical mass and rewarding a coherent, consistent offer.

In this way, the new brand architecture rationalizes the universe of existing brands, each of which returns to the fold of the flower icon as a constant reference to the IFIS universe.

For a bank whose payoff declares “the value of growing together”, it was essential to express the concept of growth through music.

For this reason, Inarea developed a musical theme for Banca IFIS on the C major scale, inspired by the charm of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Das Butterbrot, one of the bank’s cultural references, and took into account the infinite number of possible intervals in ten notes.

Thanks to a vast range of expressions, from real to imaginary instruments, the glissando becomes not only a sound logo, but a real state of sonic growth, which can be embodied in a gesture that escapes any constraint of musical architecture. The sound inputs associated with inbox and outbox notifications, PC battery, and – lastly – a ringtone are taken from the main theme.