Angelini Industries is a multinational group that operates in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, perfumery and dermocosmetics, wine and industrial technologies fields. Founded in Ancona in 1919, it is present in twenty-six countries around the world.

A new symbol. A new name – Angelini Industries. New expressive ciphers. To give substance to the wish to be a diversified industrial group with an inclusive, dynamic, evolving character, developing and growing, welcoming and protecting. And which sees itself in its unity of intentions and actions. The stimulus to draw the future into the present.

The new brand is intended to symbolize group spirit, its aptitude, founded on the principle of “Unwavering Care”, helping people always, in their daily lives and for their future, in everything they do. The logo is made up of the letter “A”, from the brand name Angelini, combined with an open boundary to form a dynamic whole. The diagonal lines, which energize the graphics, refer to embracing parentheses that signify a world – the Angelini world – that is always open, inclusive, welcoming.

A unified vision, the same values and the same intent to be seen by the world in a cohesive and coherent way, and representing all the industrial group’s companies as part of one universe. The brand system architecture reflects this principle and therefore requires each company to identify itself with the trademark, the Angelini brand name and a descriptor relating to its area of business.

A diversified group that sees the world from many perspectives and wants to express itself in many ways, with an institutional palette that combines blue and white with other shades of colour as the foundation of brand language. The different shades and their combinations offer a versatile way to cover a wide range of purposes, from digital to printing, helping to communicate messages with the right subtlety.

The Angelini logotype is composed of specially designed font, with fresh, solid lines.

In this way, recognition is always guaranteed in visual communication, not only in forms of expression but also in the group’s innate values. The project embraces and expands the sign’s semantic construction, extrapolating its “curves”, outright embracing parentheses. The latter make up the corporate flash and can be produced in neutral shades or with special colour combinations, even on a photographic background, as a reference to energy, closeness, and the idea of protection and care that the brand wants to express.

The photographic style re-establishes the vigour of curves and embraces. Within this solution, focus can be achieved on the themes of the sector or of a particular topic, using the embrace as a characterizing visual element.