Fondazione Severino

Legality and merit

Fondazione Severino was set up to provide support to categories of disadvantaged persons (especially prison inmates), through activities and training courses for their reintegration into society, thus putting into practice the rehabilitation purpose of incarceration, expressly endorsed by the Italian Constitution.

The focus of the foundation is therefore constituted by educating to respect the law as a tool to combat various social scourges, while promoting merit and supporting it with bursaries. Inarea translated this ethical heritage into an expression of identity. In this context, the complexity and delicacy of the issues to be addressed have been restated in simple, rational, empathic terms.

Inarea has been by the side of Fondazione Severino from the very start, defining its positioning profile and thence structuring brand identity. This was the backdrop for illustrations for the various themes faced, successfully showcasing Fondazione Severino spirit through a simple, descriptive story.

The logo icon derives from the juxtaposition of two quotation marks, which highlight a sentence or a speech, and which map out a sort of S (and at the same time an F).

The palette defined underpins the foundation’s brand language. The two quotation mark logos generate an outright language able to express narratives immediately attributable to the Fondazione Severino sphere.