Flirts & filters

This autumn, social networks are offering us a rather interesting journey around the world. For example there’s the Metaverse which recently celebrated its first birthday, yet is still about as densely populated as Antarctica. On the other hand, when it comes to traffic TikTok allows us to glide over a street in Beijing at rush hour, … Read more

Congratulations and Marry Halloween!

Some are doomed to roam the earth before they find a soul mate with an ideal form, and the following story is all about this. We know that the origins of “All Hallows’ Eve” are to be found in the Celtic pagan tradition: it was believed that on that particular night the souls of the … Read more

That teeny “weenie” dog

The dachshund is a classic example of wishful thinking. Although handbooks tell us that it has a playful temperament, it seems that this is an ‘optional extra’ reserved for close acquaintances only. Indeed the dachsie fancies itself as a guard dog, but its diminutive size isn’t on its side. Talking of sides, the dachshund’s defeat … Read more

Sound design

Today we’re going to tell you a story about the 8vo (octavo) which was invented thanks to a brilliant paper-folding operation. Our story takes place during the Renaissance: in Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg has already printed his Bible while in Italy, in Venice to be precise, there’s a certain printer who is fascinated by the idea … Read more

Newton’s apple – or was it a pear?

2022 is running along high-voltage cables, yet there was one writer who had no doubts whatsoever that this was going to be a dystopian year: the novel Fahrenheit 451 was written in 1953 and is set at an unspecified time after 2022, in a city which – despite being brightly lit up – is actually … Read more

Birds of fashion

Whereas the adjective “coquettish” comes from the French word for cockerel, the Italian equivalent, “civettuola”, derives from the word for owl. The very sound of it makes one think of a light and swift movement, of the graceful flitting and swooping of a bird that often chooses the world of fashion as its landing pad. … Read more

A Fish Called Gogo

This week the world’s oldest heart has been found preserved inside a fossilised prehistoric fish. The “ancient” often comes hand-in-hand with the “sacred”, but we must regretfully take note that it is not a human being that holds this particular record. We’re somewhere off the western coast of Australia, the protagonist of our story is … Read more

Say it with flowers

The tongue ever turns to the aching tooth, so it is said, and the Italian tongue endeavours to satisfy the taste buds of those who expect it to keep up with the times. Being an ‘old’ language, it requires a certain degree of introspection in order to find the right words. In the new Italian … Read more

The mettle of colossal success

Last Wednesday the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, flew to Paris to present our city’s bid to host Expo 2030. Since we love challenges, we’ve taken a crack at the subject, and at rousing the media’s interest, with Luca Josi and Antonio Romano’s proposal of erecting a colossus beside the Colosseum. The real name of … Read more

Bon voyage

It’s customary to wish one another bon voyage on the eve of the summer break, yet it’s actually September that brings with it the calendar of engagements, events, and (why not) leisure activities that await us in the “school year” ahead. At this point we can but wish one another the best of luck, or … Read more