6 November: Cesare Lombroso was born on this day in 1835

Cesare Lombroso is one of those famous people who have a permanent calling card: the adjective “Lombrosian”. His name was his destiny, with a ring to it which may not be downright sinister, but isn’t particularly cheery either: one just needs to say the word and one immediately thinks of a direct relationship between an … Read more

5 November: On this day in 1974 the “World Food Conference” opened in Rome

In his film “Roma”, Federico Fellini catapults us among revellers painting the town (Rome) red one evening in the 1970s, amidst songs and plates of carbonara pasta. Now, let’s imagine those same trattorias filling up with delegates who’ve arrived in Rome from all over the world to attend the FAO’s “World Food Conference” in 1974. … Read more

4 November: The first issue of science journal “Nature” was published on this day in 1869

In the 19th century one was wont to address Nature writing it with a capital N. Not out of deference, but in order to sew together a relationship that was extremely multifaceted. Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, for example, views Nature as a priestess, an austere and severe keeper of time. In an imaginary dialogue written … Read more

2 November: “Monsters, Inc.” was released in the USA on this day in 2001

When this Disney-Pixar animated comedy film was released, the concept of renewable energy was perhaps confined only to a few outposts of academia. But imagination is always the vanguard: in “Monsters, Inc.” there’s no need to import energy and the population don’t get annoyed with energy prices going up for the umpteenth time. The city … Read more

1 November: Día de los Muertos and All Saints Day

Whenever we hear someone talking about a Danse Macabre we immediately think of a medieval fresco with the Grim Reaper wielding his scythe. Yet, in Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” those dead people didn’t seem at all sad as they danced with Death… So with this revelling spirit in mind, let’s fly over to Mexico … Read more