13 November is World Kindness Day

“Make kindness the norm” is today’s slogan. An objective that can be best achieved by random acts of daily kindness until, good deed after good deed, we find ourselves steeped in it. It’s only then that we’ll be able to spread our surplus positive spirit around.

In the meantime, all we need to do is to start practising the hints on the “Random Acts of Kindness Foundation”’s list; it’s very long and starts off by suggesting little things we can do in the morning to make a difference, such as leaving a ‘surprise something’ for the postman or delivery boy/girl before going out. If our day starts off in traffic, we can compliment our unfortunate traffic neighbour for their great parking job. In the office, let’s encourage collaboration. And when we go home, let’s stop at a kiosk for a lemonade, or ask an elderly person to tell us about their past. And finally, as the cherry on the cake, let’s… make a cake for someone we love!

After all, in order to make kindness the rule, we simply need to hover in the air, rounding off all our edges. As for the daily exercise, let’s just remember that time waits for no one (just ask a butterfly).

Name Day:
St Nicholas I, Pope