6 November: Cesare Lombroso was born on this day in 1835

Cesare Lombroso is one of those famous people who have a permanent calling card: the adjective “Lombrosian”. His name was his destiny, with a ring to it which may not be downright sinister, but isn’t particularly cheery either: one just needs to say the word and one immediately thinks of a direct relationship between an individual’s physiognomy and their personality. In Cesare Lombroso’s case, his features were indicative of someone who was going to make criminology his line of study (“Criminal Man”, published in 1876, is the summation of such studies).

Low forehead, aquiline nose and arched eyebrows: that is how to measure up this doctor from northern Italy. But in order to portray him, in addition to tape measures, we’ve also chosen an owl which, in ancient Greece, was one of the attributes of Athena. This goddess was wise because, just like a nocturnal animal, she was able to see beyond the night – let’s say, beyond appearances.

And, when it comes to adding up, let’s remind Lombrosians everywhere that 2 + 2 = 5 (even English rock band Radiohead made a song with that very title).

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