Incomplete thinking

“Good evening, brothers and sisters!” This greeting, vibrating with familiarity and spoken 10 years ago by a gentleman looking out from the balcony on St Peter’s Square, became a signature style: that of a certain Francis, elected Pope on 13 March 2013.

As designers, we sow seeds, hoping they’ll spill over onto some unknown slope; we cherish the moment when a project comes into bud, after which it invariably flourishes with a life of its own… Given this premise, we find a certain concept carried forward by Jorge Bergoglio quite fascinating. He often speaks of “incomplete thinking”, an antidote which permits one to get to the heart of things whilst holding back a little bit of oneself. It’s a double-sided concept. Incomplete thinking always gives way to something: relationships, God, love, creativity or, in our own small case, imagination.

In these “Modern Times” of ours, we tip our hats to a philosophy that is versatile in the here and now.