Guido Carli private University of Social Sciences

LUISS developed as an independent university between 1974 and 1978 from a pre-existing institution: the Pro Deo. The university is oriented to the teaching of social sciences, in particular: law, economics, management, finance, and political science. It offers its students an advanced training model, prestigious faculty and a solid international network.

The university is work in progress, where students scale the pillars to the capital of natural fulfilment. Hence the meaning of the symbolic LUISS icon, a capital, which can be associated with knowledge.

Student is a word of Latin origin and derives from studium, painstaking application. The pillar rests firmly on its base to rise and support the entablature: it is not a column, but a human construction, erected block by block, bottom up.

From the pillar to the capital, the LUISS symbol. The fragment that identifies the student with the pillar, building the new story of the university around this image.

LUISS Type was created specifically for the university and is available to all, students and faculty alike. It is the LUISS ambassador of values and testifies to the universal diffusion of knowledge.

LUISS Type is a code that awakens sharing and belonging by stating its own style.

Inarea accompanied LUISS in a brand management action to respond both to the needs related to brand implementation and actual communication.