Introducing the new Lottomatica, the Italian gaming leader

With its acquisition by Gamenet Group, new Lottomatica becomes the first Italian operator in the authorized legal gaming market and one of the major players in Europe, able to offer engaging and sustainable gaming experiences across all sales channels.

Inarea defined an identity that would bring together people from different backgrounds in a single design. Transforming the gaming experience from performance to central role for the player, through a new conceptualization that would embrace fun, energy and momentum for the future.

Lottomatica is synonymous with playing and playing is a fundamental part of everyone’s life. The new identity expresses the broadest sense of fun: joy, emotion, surprise, euphoria, tension. And a beating heart is the most effective metaphor to represent all this.

Even the logotype plays its part: vibrant, dynamic, surprising, it is made up of different letters and composes original, amusing, exuberant animations and textures in continual movement.

In point of fact, even in its static version it manages to be dynamic. Blue, as the primary colour, communicates solidity, reliability and leadership. The richly vibrant palette reinforces the message of the joy of playing and enjoying life.