Il Parioli is a theatre in Rome, named after the famous Neapolitan actor Peppino De Filippo. It was built in 1938 and during its history, it has been a cinema, a theatre, and the set for television talk shows. After a long hiatus, il Parioli raises the curtain once more, its mission to become a major private theatre: shows, original productions, internships, with a stage school for child and young actors. The spotlights will be turned onto a multifunctional cultural centre.

Inarea suggested a simplification of the name by proposing “il Parioli” as the umbrella brand. In visual terms, the trademark consists of a square frame beneath the “il Parioli” logo, a combination of two different fonts. The overall effect is an eloquent signature and a flexible format, thanks to a frame that can expand and accommodate any content, with the option of juggling size, shape, colour.

The square refers to a contemporary proscenium, a space that comes alive and changes with lightness and versatility according to the program and type of performance.

A rich palette allows variety of communication tone while keeping identity references constant. This approach was conceived for use on the website and with various devices while achieving better management of brand presence on posters promoting the program.