CVA Energie

Energy comes naturally to us

CVA Trading, a CVA group company operating in sale of electricity to end customers, changed its name and brand to showcase its mission: to transform Aosta Valley energy sources – water, sun and wind – into a sustainable future.

The name and brand change came about from the process that led to redefinition of positioning. Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque (CVA) was founded to manage the Aosta Valley’s hydroelectric assets. The new name takes into account the unique history and intensifies the role of single lead player in renewable energies from water, sun and wind.

“Renewable from the start” is the best endorsement of a history and a vision that consider respect and knowledge of Nature as the foundations of their raison d’être.

The acronym CVA, composed in a solid, robust san serif font, are accompanied by a blue circle, a full stop that requires a pause. The circle expresses circularity, renewability of sources that are transformed into living force. But it is also a sort of magnifying glass that focuses on local resources and the benefits of clean energy.

For CVA Energie, green has always been blue. Blue and light blue represent the colours of the Aosta Valley’s water, sky and air, the natural resources providing the energy that CVA Energie has been delivering to its customers for over twenty years. The primary colours are accompanied by a palette of secondary lively, cheerful, brilliant shades underscoring the endless nuances of the vital force of energy.

CVA Energie has generated the redefinition of the group’s brand architecture, with a monolithic identity model able to spotlight a shared vision while preserving the corporate names of subsidiaries.