Fondazione Cotarella

New roots for healthy eating

Fondazione Cotarella was established in 2022. Inspired by a business and human experience, with roots in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, the foundation works in support of initiatives for healthy food, rediscovery of the territory, and sustainable agriculture, connecting with families, the community, institutions, and trade.

On the international wine stage the Cotarella family name needs no introduction: the first generation founded the company, while the second promoted its labels and served as an industry consultant. The foundation came at the behest of the third generation to drive these experiences in a diverse direction.

Inarea’s involvement began on the premise of how to interpret this idea of family as a “corporate name”, a community that is part of a place. The identity system aims precisely to reinforce this principle of rural solidarity, a network that means closeness first of all, but reflecting it in a contemporary dimension. The logotype is inspired by label lettering, now dropped into a register of precision and formal elegance typical of the reference world of foundations: “Fondazione Cotarella” is lengthened and streamlined, playing on the contrast between solids and voids.

The signature is then recovered from the company founder’s own handwriting. While staying true to the original stroke, the restyling ensures a smoother reading of the word and, above all, becomes the leitmotif for the present: the first generation is simultaneously the backdrop and the cornerstone for new narratives, animating patterns and textures of communication materials. But illustrations and pictograms also issue from the same thread, offering a simple, familiar, iconic story of activities, namely the culture of health, social life, and territory. Broad themes, entrusted to concrete symbols, easy to understand even for the youngest consumers.

The photographic style, on the one hand tells the story of the land and its products, on the other speaks of a rediscovery of the people who live, work, and put down roots there.