Stepping up to the next level

Maisaloon Group is a leading provider of total facilities management services throughout the United Arab Emirates. Its 30-year history of success is attributed to the company’s commitment to professionalism, quality, and proficiency across all facility management services. The rebranding aimed to create a new identity that would reflect its international plans.

With a new name, logo, identity system and messaging, Maisaloon Group reveals its new identity as Azzurro Facilities Management. ‘Azzurro’ is an Italian word that means ‘blue sky’. It conveys positivity, well-being, and transparency.


The logo features soft lettering and is distinguished by the asymmetrical “U” in the center. It represents the concept of “stepping up” and “taking facility management to the next level”.

It is the focal point of the wordmark and emphasizes the company’s human-centered vision, where employees and customers are given priority over everything else.

The primary color scheme comprises of two shades of blue: sky blue (azzurro) and dark blue.

The sky blue color not only represents Azzurro visually but also signifies the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, because blue is the new green. It is a way of viewing the world and being a part of it.

Azzurro’s brand language reinforces the idea of ‘stepping up’ through the use of a color field that is interrupted by an elevated part, usually in the shape of a square. The design can be modified for different communications. The Maisaloon Group’s rebranding project marks a new point of departure where they will continue to deliver leading facility management services, now having leveled up as Azzurro.