AC Milan, or simply Milan, founded in 1899 in the city of Milan, is one of the most important Italian football clubs, known worldwide.

In 2013, Casa Milan was born with the move to new premises as the old offices and new activities united to strengthen the club’s identity. A space to welcome fans and host the Mondo Milan museum, the Milan Store, and the Cucina Milanello restaurant.

The symbol that accompanies the name Casa Milan is simple and of immediate impact: a sphere composed of vertical red and black stripes, an unmistakable reference to the team shirt. The idea arose from the desire to depict the new Milan “universe”, beyond the football pitch, and to convey it under a single sign.

A font family – Milan Type – was also created to showcase further every aspect of club identity: Casa Milan, Mondo Milan, Cucina Milanello, and Milan Store are the first examples of application of the proprietary font.