27 December: The play “Peter Pan” received its world premiere on this day in 1904

In “Peter Pan” a crocodile has swallowed Captain Hook’s clock. That’s not going to happen to our clock, so let’s give ourselves five minutes to take a quick trip to “Neverland”…

Time has certainly ticked by since J.M. Barrie’s play debuted at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London: a huge success that stretched way beyond its niche (Edwardian children’s literature) and gave its name to a condition that is often mentioned in books on psychology, conversations between friends or arguments between lovers: the Peter Pan Syndrome.

Yet, we don’t feel we can stigmatise the syndrome entirely seeing that, as was the case for Wendy, it constitutes an ingredient for making up fairy stories. Even though in the end the young lady concluded that growing up wasn’t so bad after all, and consequently decided to leave Neverland, she took with her a bottle of something similar to pixie dust: imagination. To be sprinkled generously to ensure that one continues to believe in fairies.

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