Fondazione Perugia

1992 – 2022: the future in a story

Fondazione Perugia is a new name and a new starting point for the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia foundation. A change announced with a rebranding for the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the foundation, in 1992, implementing the reform of the Italian banking system, which separated credit activities from philanthropic projects.

In the process that defined repositioning and rebranding, Inarea first of all encouraged a change of name (the Cassa di Risparmio bank had done this in the latter 1990s) to showcase without delay its role as a player in the district, no long appearing as an emanation of the banking world.

In this way, the intervention was characterized as a sign of true local identity, thanks to the spotlight turned on the name of the city and the heraldic association with the griffin, Perugia’s mythological symbol.

In terms of design, the new brand endows the city’s emblem with contemporary refinement. The griffin has an understated new design inspired by the codes of heraldry. It is accompanied by the Fondazione Perugia logotype, created with a highly versatile sans serif typeface, readable even in digital contexts.

The rebranding represents a change of pace with three strong roots: stimulating ideas, gathering energy, developing actions. A new story in which it is no longer the Fondazione “of” but the Fondazione “for”.

Thirtieth-anniversary celebrations marked visually and otherwise the boundary separating before and after.

“The future in a story” is actually the title dedicated to events inaugurating the new direction, to be interpreted as a real return to the future, recovering the original spirit: the pact of solidarity among citizens that created savings banks.