Erion, European leader in WEEE management, is the result of the fusion of two players.

Erion was born from the Ecodom and Remedia consortia, two success stories at work since 2004 in the disposal of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Together, they interpret the waste management process from a perspective of circular economy and exploitation of raw materials.

Inarea flanked the Ecodom–Remedia work group with the positioning and identity of the new consortium. The metaphorical reference applied for writing the new story is the ribbon, a symbol of union, a concept present since ancient times, when it was knotted on the wrists of newly-weds.

Erion’s vision is to combine extended producer responsibility with new consumer awareness, thanks to a virtuous, circular, transparent and sustainable path. Erion is able to re-read and capitalize on the entire life cycle of each product, through recycling and new beginnings: products, processes and people find a different balance with Nature, imitating its cycles. Each beginning is followed by another beginning.

From this perspective, the brand is a ribbon, which draws an “e”, which draws a spiral. The convergence is capable of combining the sense of union, of supply chain, of movement, of transformation, of rebirth.

The spiral creates amazing patterns and textures. The colours add liveliness and versatility, the shades personalizing and offering distinctive backgrounds. They are visual elements that help communicate the concepts of cyclical continuity, circular motion, development and evolution.