5 December: Walt Disney was born on this day in 1901

We like to think that it’s no coincidence that Walt Disney was born twenty days before Santa Claus’s wondrous night; perhaps he was already preparing to share Santa’s chores (as well as the copyright of so many future gifts). But there’s also another side to this story because little Walt could only really be a child at Christmas: his father used to deliver the Kansas City newspapers door-to-door, forcing his children to the same. But, as we know, newspapers aren’t published on Christmas morning.

We think of Walt Disney as a mix of genius, creativity, leadership, a multitasker and an organiser. When he was at the height of his popularity he often mused that he owed a lot to his approach and passions, but equally to that strict, early-morning discipline. We can just see little Walt out on his delivery run, pushing newspapers into letter boxes, but holding on to an imaginary towel. Growing up for him will mean never giving in, and never throwing in the towel either… nor the sponge!

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