21 December: Winter Solstice

Let’s imagine a winter without the usual Christmas tones: if you close your eyes, what would be the first colour that comes to mind? To be quite candid, there can be few doubts.

The glare of a snow-covered landscape can make us blink, and this verb comes from the Old High German word “blank” which evokes the glint of weapons. It even seems strange to us that white should be associated with the day that, in terms of sunlight, is the stingiest of the year: if we wanted to feast on the sun, then 21st December would be a pretty frugal meal. But like “Ground Zero”, white is also the colour of beginnings, even of small, everyday ones.

Mischievously blinking at us all through the longest night of the year, our little white owl is made of everything we need to prepare for our first meal of the day. Beginnings are always exciting and what better way to start – at least the day – than with a hearty breakfast? So, have yourself a very merry breakfast and a happy (new) winter.

Name Day
St Peter Canisius