20 November is World Children’s Day

20 November 1959 is the date when the UN General Assembly adopted the “Declaration of the Rights of the Child” which was later enshrined in the “Convention” signed by 196 countries. Fifty-four articles from which four fundamental principles stand out: the right to non-discrimination (art.2), the respect of the best interests of the child (art.3), the child’s inherent right to life, survival and correct development (art.6), and the right of the child to be heard (art.12).

The first person to consider the child as a perfectly complete being (and not simply an ‘as yet non-adult’ ) was Rousseau. With this in mind, at a time when children (which the charter describes as being such up to the age of 18) are increasingly taking part in the decision-making processes of the planet which they wish to inhabit for a long time to come, it would be an interesting experiment to submit said document to them. Would it fit their yardstick, or would they run (perhaps on their scooters) for the hills? We do have our reasonable doubts.

Name Day:
San Gelasius I, Pope